Baby Items that I Could NOT Live Without

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Everyone has an opinion on what you should buy when you are having a baby and what to avoid. You will get a ton of advice, especially if you are a new mom. Some wanted, others… not so much.

These are the items that I had gotten when I had my first son that I absolutely LOVE and would put on my “must have” list for sure, other than the obvious things like diapers! One of my favorite things about all of these is that they either last a long time, or have multiple purposes, making them great for families who are on a budget.


Bouncer or Swing

My son has a bouncer and he LOVES it! I would imagine that a swing is similar, but we personally never got one of those. The bouncer is amazing because they are so useful and babies can enjoy them for months before growing out of them. It is so nice to have something to set my son down in while I get my cleaning and other housework done. It is also handy for naps. The light rocking and music puts him to sleep every time.

Play Mat

The floor play mats are so nice because, if your child is like mine, they will hate laying on the floor without something to look at or play with. And floor play is so important; they learn so much from it! The play mat saved my life because the one I have has both toys above it and the floor of it, so if he is on his belly he has something to do as well. This was a big thing for me because my son HATED tummy time, until getting the play mat. The toys really helped and now he loves it.

Booster Seat (with foam insert)

I specify the foam insert because a lot of them do not have this, and babies who are too young to sit up have troubles not toppling to the side. I love mine because the foam insert helps younger babies sit up and it is removable for when they get too big for it. It also has a removable tray and straps to put it on a chair. It is so multi-purpose and I love it!

Extrasaucer or Jumper

My son is now 6 months old and he loves his extrasaucer and jumper. He is at the age where he wants to stand up and use those leg muscles, so these are perfect for that! He has already been using his for about a month and we have gotten so much use out of it. the tray around it holds his toys and he loves playing in it while I am doing housework and writing.

Baby Monitor

Are you one of those moms that constantly worries during naps and sleep times because you can’t see them to make sure they are okay? Me too! Having a baby monitor helps ease my worry SO MUCH when it comes to naps and sleeping. There are a ton of different models available, ranging from inexpensive noise only monitors to higher tech video cameras that sync to your tablet. We are on a budget, so we just opted for an inexpensive noise only model. Even though I can’t physically see Asher when he was asleep, I could hear his movements which put my mind at ease.

Backpack Diaper Bag

When it came to buying a diaper bag, I had a few specific concerns that I wanted addressed. I wanted it to be easy to carry, preferably hands free. I also wanted something that my fiancee could carry and not feel weird about it. There are a huge amount of diaper bags that I looked at and liked, but they were very feminine. While they were cute, I did not think that my fiancee would feel the same when he was on the go with our son. After careful deliberation, I decided to get a stylish, grey backpack diaper bag. I LOVE it. It carries everything I need, is lightweight, and is hands free.

Travel System

We had considered getting a separate convertible car seat and stroller, but opted for a travel system instead. I am so glad that we did. The infant car seat was so nice in those early months to take into stores without waking Asher. It fit right into the cart and I did not have to worry about putting on a carrier, transferring him from the car seat to the carrier, and then putting him back to sleep after all of that woke him up. It streamlined everything and made going out less of a hassle.

I also love the stroller that came with our system. While it is bigger, it not only fit the infant car seat, but it also laid all the way back. When Asher was about 3 months old, he started to get curious and enjoyed seeing everything, which he couldn’t very well when he was in the car seat. All we had to do was lay the stroller seat back, and he was good to go. He could see without the worry of him toppling over.

Get one that works for you! There are so many great travel system options. I had originally wanted one with a jogging stroller, but when I considered space in our car, we decided to go with a system with a more compact stroller. There are options for every style, need, and budget!

Every mom has their own opinion about things that they do or do not use. I personally have used all of these products and love them. If you are anything like me and are trying to raise a baby on a budget, or are about to, you should read my article about cutting costs while raising a baby! To read it click here!

Please comment or send me a message and let me know what baby items YOU could not live without! There are so many great baby products out there and I am always looking for more of them to try out! Plus, I love hearing all of your stories and feedback!





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  • Kimberly March 29, 2018 at 9:50 am

    I used most of these for my son too. For the first couple of months I could not live without music playing.. My son couldn’t sleep without some type of music or story playing in the background.


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