Pregnancy Glow? That’s Just the Sweat…

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Have you ever heard people say how pregnant women just “glow”? When I became pregnant, I had heard this term many times and was so excited for the beautiful skin, motherly instinct, and the ability to eat whatever I wanted without having to make up an excuse for it. I had never considered the “not so fun” aspects of pregnancy, until they were right at my doorstep. Some women love being pregnant; one of my best friends being one of them. They had a great experience with it… I must have drawn the short end of the stick, because I did NOT love it.

Pregnancy hurts!

Now I am not talking about the act of giving birth. I am talking about the last entire half of the pregnancy. I swore that some days my hips felt like they were being torn in half and that my back could snap at any moment. This is not necessarily the same for everyone. Some women are lucky and never have any hip or back pain. I however, am not one of those lucky few.

There was also this fun thing called sciatica that I developed pretty early on in my pregnancy. It goes along with the hip and back pain, but instead of just general pain, this intensifies it. Basically, the baby is pressing on the sciatic nerve and it can cause sharp pains in your lower back area. Mine was totally manageable when I was resting, but peaked when I was at work, which made my “on the move” job difficult.

Swelling… everywhere!

Just a warning, but you will grow in places more than just your belly. My hands swelled. My butt swelled. Hell, I am even convinced that my ears were swollen. Thank goodness that most of it goes away soon after birth, but when you are pregnant it certainly feels like a permanent fixture.

Now when I say the swelling goes away, I just mean the swelling. If you want most of the extra weight to go away, you have to work on that through good old fashion exercise and healthy eating. Unfortunately, those happen to be two things that I don’t excel at. I am STILL trying to get rid of the access baby weight. I will admit, that I have not tried very hard though.

20 degrees out? Feels like 80

Having un-perfect and acne ridden skin my entire life, I was so excited about the clear and beautiful glow that my skin was supposed to acquire during pregnancy. Yeah… it never happened. Although, do you know what did happen? Sweat. Lots of it. I am notoriously famous among my friends and family for being cold all the time. Talk about an entire 180 when I became pregnant. I was hot ALL THE TIME. The peak of my pregnancy just happened to fall during the dead of summer. This was both a good and bad thing since even though the hot weather made the heat worse, it was also easier to cool down since pools were open. I definitely took advantage of it!

Your hair will fall out, well, on your head anyway

Taking a shower made me feel like I was going to go bald. I don’t know how many times I stood in there crying with my hands covered in hair that had fallen out from me just washing my hair (hormones are fun too). But while the hair on your head is falling out, hair will be growing double time everywhere else. I had to shave my legs every other day to keep from looking like Sasquatch. I am convinced that biology did this as a joke considering how hard it gets to shave your legs once your belly gets large.

You will cry. A LOT!

Hormones during pregnancy are no joke. I would drop a shirt while carrying the laundry basket and it was the end of the world. I literally broke a TV while pregnant from throwing a phone and it bouncing off the wall… yes I know, really mature. My point is, pregnancy is emotional. Your hormones are jacked up to the point where every emotion feels amplified times 100. This part can be particularly tough on your partner since he/she is likely going to have no idea how to handle the random crying outbursts and grumpy moods. It can often put a strain on your relationship. I know that I more than once had to explain to my fiancee that it wasn’t him that was upsetting me and that I was just upset for no reason basically. Not that it made him understand any more, but at least he didn’t feel like it was something that he did.

In the end, it will all be worth it

Even though I did not love my entire pregnancy, it was all worth it to hold my tiny baby in my arms. He is a huge joy in my life and I would totally do it all over again. If you are a newly pregnant mom and not having the best time, just remember that it is worth it in the end! You will likely even miss being pregnant and want it again.

Was your pregnancy anything like mine? Or was yours really great and blissful? Either way, send me a message and tell me your story! Also, always feel free to share or comment!



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